Office Stamps

Trodat Printy

The Original Printy 4.0 doesn't just impress with its appealing design - it is also climate-neutral. As standard.

In comparison with the previous model, up to 49%. CO2 is saved during manufacture.

The residual, unavoidable CO2 footprint is compensated by investment in Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by the WWF.

Trodat Professional

Stronger. Cleaner. Faster. These were the main criteria in the thoughtful development of the new Trodat Professional 4.0.

The brushed stainless steel reflects the high-quality processing of the stamp.

The robust and sturdy casing provides a worthy frame for numerous new application benefits.

Ink & Stamp Pads

We have a good supply of stamp pads and ink for stamp pads and the self-inking stamps.

We have a range of colours including black, blue, red, green, and violet.

We carry 3 different sizes of ink and 2 sizes of stamp pads.

We can customize or personalize any rubber stamp.

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