A self-inking stamp has an internal ink pad which transfers ink to the rubber die each time you use it. When you press down on the handle the rubber die rotates, turning away from the ink pad. It touches the paper transferring the ink from the rubber die. Self Inking stamps give excellent impressions. They are ideal for when an impression is going to be made repeatedly or where the usage over the course of a day is extremely high. To re-ink a self-inking stamp, you replace the ink pad inside the handle with a new one. To remove the pad, simply press down slightly on the handle and push the pad through with a pointed instrument. The pad will come out the other side of the body.

Pricing includes custom rubber die and ink pad.



Do you know what the problem is with those HERI pens?

They are just too good to be believable.

As long as you do not see them "in the flesh" and as long as you do not handle them yourself, you will have a hard time believing they are neither thick "gadgetty" things nor fiddly devices impossible to use!

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