Picture & Item Framing

The namesake of our business, we specialize in custom framing projects.

A team jacket framed with photos and a purple karate belt.

Don't let your art go unappreciated. Whether it's something you've done yourself or a professionally commissioned piece, we can make sure it is presented in a fitting manner. Alternatively, if you see a painting while on vacation that you absolutely have to have, rest easy knowing that we can mount canvas to wooden frames so you can transport you painting rolled up to prevent damage and save space.

People always ask us "How much would this project cost?". And we get it, nobody wants to be blindsided by a bill. But we understand that each project is unique in it's own way, so we try and avoid giving blanket quotes without being able to speak with you in order to gauge exactly what you want and weigh all the options. Take a look below to give yourself some ideas for your own project then get in contact with us so we can get started.

Our equipment

Valiani brand CNC mat design machine

Helping the custom framing industry since 1974, Valiani is recognized as the innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of computerized mat cutters (CMCs) and is considered the world leader for reliability, production capability, design innovation, and customer satisfaction. Valiani was founded in 1974 by Franco and Franca Valiani, in Certaldo near Florence and it is still run these days by Franco and his wife and their children Nico and Giada.


Pricing on all projects varies depending on many factors such as material, size and specific design requirements. As such we try and avoid blanket quotes on projects without talking to prospective clients and getting a solid idea of the exact specifications and requirements.

Thumbnail of various sized glasses with laser engraved images on them.


Come by and give your favourite art the finishing touch it deserves. We can fit it up with a simple or unique frame, depending on what you feel is most appropriate. We can also stretch canvas and mount to a wooden frame if you have brought a piece of art back from a foreign country.

Follow the link to see some examples.

Close up of corporate directory board with varying departments listed.


Whether it's a jersey from your MVP in the big leagues all the way down to the little leagues right at home, we have mounted hundreds of jerseys in display cases for wall mounting.

Follow the link to see some examples.

Various industrial lamacoid signs laying on top of eachother, showing the various messages that are engraved on them.


Don't let your family history sit tucked away in a box or become a nuisance by collecting dust on a shelf. Using shadow box framing we can use the old keepsakes you have to create a unique and interesting display that will be a center piece for conversation in your household.

Follow the link to see some examples.

Example of custom danger sign.

Matt Design

Using our Valiani CNC matt cutter we can turn photo collages, family pictures and much more into eye catching pieces of art.

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