Laser engraving

We offer custom engraving on a variety of materials to meet all your project needs.

Whether you are looking for custom office signs, unique wedding favours or industrial lamacoids we have the technology to make your project ideas a reality. Ranging over a wide variety of materials we can use any image or text. Scroll down to see your options for materials and project types.

People always ask us "How much would this project cost?". And we get it, nobody wants to be blindsided by a bill. But we understand that each project is unique in it's own way, so we try and avoid giving blanket quotes without being able to speak with you in order to guage exactly what you want and weigh all the options. Take a look at some of our past work to give yourself some ideas for your own project then get in contact with us so we can get started.

Our equipment

Designed and maufactured in Austria, the Trotec Speedy 500 lives up to the reputation of Austrian engineering. Made of the highest quality materials and assembled with world class workmanship this laser engraving machine is a wonder to see in action. Wood, plastic, acrylic, fabrics and many other materials are no problem.


Pricing on all projects varies depending on many factors such as material, size and specific design requirements. As such we try and avoid blanket quotes on projects without talking to prospective clients and getting a solid idea of the exact specifications and requirements.


Custom wedding favours, retirement gifts, and much more. Laser processing is a great alternative to sandblasting and other glass etching methods. Champagne flutes, wine glasses, hand mirrors and even wine bottles can be laser marked using the optional rotary attachment.

Click to see some of our past projects for more ideas.

Signs & Name Tags

We have a wide variety of products to suit your business, commercial and personal needs for custom signage. Engraved in colored plastic with a variety of color option, we can engrave custom messages and images. Products vary from name and information placards to name tags.

Click to see some of our past projects for more ideas.

Industrial Lamacoids

Similar in design and material to our custom sign products, we offer custom lamacoids for industrial signage and labelling purposes. Breaker boxes, control panels and safety notices are some of the lamacoid products available.

Click to see some of our past projects for more ideas.

Stencils and Vinyl Stickers

Cardboard, plastic or vinyl stencils and self adhesive vinyl stickers.

Click to see some of our past projects for more ideas.

Metal, Stone & Other Hard Materials

Whether you're looking for memorial plaques, steel signage or anything between, we can engrave on a wide range of metals. Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Wood and Granite are just a few.

Click to see some of our past projects for more ideas.

Denim, Leather & Fabrics

Looking for something other than the same old trophies for your end of year awards? Bring is your sports memoribilia and we can turn them into something a little more unique than the typical sharpie on the game ball. Alternatively, engrave a wallet or purse with a unique message for a personal gift.

Click to see some of our past projects for more ideas.

Prototyping and Gaskets

Nobody likes tracing and cutting gaskets by hand. If you have some gaskets that you are having trouble finding in the store, bring us a sheet of gasket material and the old gasket and we can make a sheet of them with laser precision. Alternatively, if you have a protoype stencil you need cut, we can work with you to make sure your design is professional and accurate.

Click to see some of our past projects for more ideas.