Stencils are great for many applications such as painting messages on your building, vehicle, parking lot, wall or anywhere else you need to. Simply create your own stencil with our easy to follow system. Start with selecting the type of stencil you want and customize from there. We make stencils as small as 1 x 1 with 1/4" characters all the way up to an 12" x 18" large custom stencil.

Industral Stencils

Industrial stencil applications include a custom stencil for shipping crates and boxes, labeling tools and machinery, marking warehouse floors and parking spaces. You may also add your company logo and lettering to signs and vehicles. Decorative lettering stencil applications include lettering and sayings for wall decoration and sign making. Professional crafters use our custom stencils for painting wooden signs, slates, mail boxes and other crafts.

Graphic stencils are custom laser cut from the artwork you provide to us. We can replicate wallpaper into stencils as well as converting your logo into a stencil. Craft stencils, airbrush stencils and sign making stencils are a few examples of our graphic stencil products.

Bulk stencil cutting and contract laser cutting are other services that we offer. With low minimums and mass production capabilities, we cut stencils for airbrush body art, fingernails, overlay decorating, craft stencils and templates.

Any of our custom stencils can be used with spray paint or other more traditional paints. Our spray paint stencils can be used for a number of applications, making it quick and easy to create your design on walls, signs, and even clothes. Liven up your stencils with some colored metallic paints! Custom stencils can be cut on several types of plastic including Mylar.

Every stencil is masterfully laser cut from the highest quality materials by the friendly folks at Frameworks for user friendly, hassle free stencils that anyone can use. Most of our stencils are made from durable (yet highly flexible) 7 mil Mylar which is strong enough to use again and again, but thin enough to achieve incredible detail wherever you choose to stencil. All of our stencils are reusable and easy to clean, and with proper care, your stencils will last a lifetime.

Frameworks can design and cut plastic for:

* Wall decorating stencils
* Wall mural stencils
* Body art stencils
* Fingernail airbrush stencils
* Airbrush tattoo stencils
* Promotional stencils
* Alphabet stencils
* Scrap book templates
* Crafting stencils
* Embossing templates

What type of material are the stencils cut on?

Most of our materials for custom stencils are polyester film (Mylar). We have laser cut many different materials to find the perfect product and we find that the polyester film works the best! It is flexible, and won't break like thicker materials.

  • 10 mil Blue. This material is a standard material used for our industrial stencils. It is tear-resistant yet flexible. It can be cleaned easily to provide a very long life. Customers who buy this material use their stencils for shipping crates, tool/equipment marking, floors/parking areas, and many other industrial applications.
  • 10 mil white. This is the thickest of our polyester material and it is truly a "work horse" for a durable stencil. The 14 mil polyester holds many strength advantages over any other plastic material we have ever used.
  • We do stock thicker and more rigid plastics, however our polyester materials, listed above, are usually the best choice for stencils.
  • We do not cut any type of metal.

Why Polyester (Mylar)?

The three things you want to consider when choosing a stencil material are:
• How strong is it?
• How easily can it be cleaned?
• Will it achieve crisp stenciling results?
Polyester is quite strong. It has the ability to be rolled very tightly and it will always bounce back to its flat shape. If you take a square sheet of polyester, even the thinnest 5 mil, you will not be able to tear it using your hands.

The secret to a long stencil life is the ability to clean paint or ink off your stencil. Polyester is one of the very few plastic materials that is solvent proof. You can clean your stencil with paint remover, acetone (fingernail polish remover), turpentine/mineral spirits, or anything recommended to clean paint, and you won't damage the stencil material in any way.

All material in the polyester family is flexible. This is very important when you are stenciling because it can conform to curved surfaces as well as the subtle variations on flat services. This will provide a more crisp and professional look than you can achieve using a rigid stencil material.

Stencil Ideas...

- Alphabet Stencils - Arrow Stencils - Handicap Stencils - Highway Stencils
- Letter Stencils - Number Stencils - Parking Lot Stencils - Holiday Stencils
- Pool Stencils - Recreational Park Guide Stencils - Safety Stencils - Shape Stencils
- Shipping Stencils - Signs & Marking Stencils - Decorative Stencils

Want something custom with an image? We can make any stencil you want! Just select small, medium or large below and send us what you want on your custom stencil.

Pricing starts at $6.00 for 1 x 1 up to 4 x 4 - 2 lines.

2 Line Stencil

3 Line Stencil

4 Line Stencil

5 Line Stencil

6 Line Stencil

7 Line Stencil

8 Line Stencil

9 Line Stencil

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