Let us know if it is for a gift or if you need it sooner...we'll do our best!

STEP #1 Bring in the original photo or as close to the original as possible as you will receive better results.

STEP #2 Leave the photo with us for a short time to analyze. You will be provided with a FREE quotation.

STEP #3 When you decide to proceed a deposit will be required. You will be phoned when it is ready. Usually ready within 14 days.

We also see a lot of water or fire damaged items that need attention, and in most cases can be brought back to their pre-damaged life.

Some customers choose to have an old frame restored, rather than using a new frame with an aged look. It may be that the item is an heirloom and they want to preserve it for future generations. The costs in some cases can be quite expensive depending on how intricate the frame design is and how much damage has occurred; nevertheless, at the Frameworks we can bring it back to life.

Most photo and artwork restorations are a result of foxing or acid bleed, where the item has been mounted onto a board that is not acid free; these items are a result of either poor quality framing or simply from framing practices before conservation framing was even considered.



From traditional airbrush... digital.

Gene uses a Wacom Cintiq 21UX with a 27" iMac to digitally restore and create new artwork.

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