Name plates and tags are important tools. They give a first impression, they identify employees and they make a statement about your company or organization.

Here are some hints on how to choose the right name tags:

Types of Name Tags

There are basically two types of focus for name tags: Name focused tags and Logo focused tags.

Most people need to identify themselves either to other people within their group (service clubs/networking clubs) or to people outside their group (customers/clients). These are the name focused tags or plates. They can include the company logo and slogan but the main focus for the reader is the name. This can be accomplished by making the name larger or bolder or by making it a different colour. On these tags the name should be readable from around 5 feet away. Titles need only be readable from 2-4 feet on these types of name plates and tags.

If people approach you, such as in restaurants, hotels and other places of business, they usually know where they are and the name focused name tags are the one for you.

Logo focused name plates and tags are better suited to those companies that approach people. This would include realtors, sales people, trade show participants, business to business salespeople etc. The name becomes secondary to informing the potential client which company they are dealing with.

There are a few different ways to make nametags. We can engrave them in the traditional sense. We can also engrave them on one of our laser machines. This allows us to do fine detail logos and intricate shapes with ease. The material is basically the same, a coloured cap over a contrasting core. We engrave through the cap to reveal the core.

Your name badge service includes the following:

- Professional results. Our name badges are top quality - guaranteed.
- Free graphic design help. Our experienced graphic designers are available on request!
- No minimum order. We accept any order amount for your convenience.
- Great selection. We make magnetic name badges as well as pin style, military bar, clip
- Name Badges and Name Tags are not all created equal, we can create a simple 1 line name badge with no logo or produce full color graphics for your custom name tag needs. We do offer discounts on large orders - contact for details.

Simple Name Tags (no logo)

This type of name badge is aimed at those not concerned with placement of a company logo on the name tag. This name tag can be customized with up to 3 lines of custom text area.

Laser Engraved Name Tags

Our line of custom laser engraved name badges include pricing with a company logo. The quality of these name tags is flawless and will undoubtedly catch the eyes of your customers.

This is our executive line of name tags, great for the corporate tie and real estate environment. We can produce your executive metal name badges with or without your companies logo and up to 3 lines of custom text. Great variety including metal and plastic holders and even custom shapes.

Name Tag Accessories

Here you will find backings for name tags. We carry name tag backings including magnetic, clips, pins, straps and more. Our name tag backing quality is guaranteed.

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