Making it easy for people to find your office, store, apartment, hotel room etc. - that is what wayfinding signs are all about. From simple room numbers, door signs, desk signs, donor recognition signs to outdoor direction pylon signs, we are able to help you with all your signage needs. From apartment buildings, condos, office buildings, medical and hospital establishments, resorts, hotels, government buildings and much more.

Plastic, including acrylic, can be laser marked, engraved and cut to controllable depths while maintaining tight tolerances. Some plastics are designed to work specifically with CO2 lasers to achieve optimum results.

Plastic Types

Acrylic, ABS, laminated plastics, Mylar®, film, polycarbonate, polypropylene, Delrin®, nylon and more.

Plastic Cutting

Cut varying thicknesses of acrylic, engravers plastic and other plastic materials with extreme precision. Laser cutting creates a beautifully finished, clean edge on plastics.