Is framing a Photo as simple as puting it in a frame...?
The answer is no.
There are many techniques to photo framing...

Conservation Mounting- This process involves mounting the photo to an acid-free board which helps to keep the photo flat and ripple free, without the worry of future photo damage. With the addition of mats (coloured borders) any number of combinations and looks can be achieved.

Mat & Mount (Hinging photo behind mat) This process is popular with photographers, who need to border their photos to go into competitions, it is also the correct way to mount limited edition photos & signed photographic memorabilia, as it protects the value of the item by not mounting them down.

Canvas Photo Stretching - Photos are printed onto canvas, and stretched onto a Canvas Stretcher Frame. One of the most popular ways of framing photos in the last couple of years, it is simple, and also very effective when stretched onto a 40mm canvas frame.

Canvas Stretchers come in a number of thicknesses and are priced accordingly, so if you would like a free quote, contact us.





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