Computerized Mat Cutting

The Frameworks provides the latest in computer mat cutting.

The very best in computer mat cutting technology, Futurermat Design software has given the framing industry enormous flexibility in custom framing, allowing mat openings to be restricted only by one's imagination, items can be photographed, sent to the mat cutter, the image can then be drawn with Corel software and then configured into a mat opening.

Embossing - The latest piece of equipment to be added to the computer mat cutting technology, it works by pressing an indentation into the mat, rather than cutting the board. The advantages are a much more complex design as it works more like a pen than a blade. A great addition to any framing job, but also very subtle.
Samples of the Valiani abilities, see below.

Do you have a company logo? The Frameworks can also duplicate your logo onto a mat with mat embossing.