Show you the Basics in Color Design 

First goal in designing for matting and framing is to satisfy the person you are framing for.  That means that if the customer wants the framed piece to blend well with existing room décor you must factor that into your design.  Consider color values, the combination of cool and warm colors, and the feel or mood of the artwork, as well as its theme.  Consider the existing room decor, if necessary.  And above all, keep everything in balance. 
A color’s value is where it falls on the white to black ladder.  When it falls more toward white it’s a tint; when it falls more toward black it’s a shade; in between are tones.   
Temperature in color, cool or warm colors.  Cool colors are the colors of spring:  blue, green, violet.  Warm colors are the colors of autumn: red, orange, yellow, brown.  Lighter colors in the matting help to “pop” a composition that has bold elements in the foreground.
When designing for a client you must involve them in the design process and respect thei desire to have the artwork fit existing room décor.  Keeping everything in balance refers not just to the design of the piece but to the integrity of the framer-client relationship. Working with us on the front counter with clients would give you background to carry on in your own picture framing shop.